Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Meme of Fours

So the Meme of Fours/the meme about FOURS is going around  - First I read it on Scully's blog, then on Stephen's , Rachel, Kerri & Jeff's blogs. 
So OK, my turn and here it goes~ 
1. Four names people call me other than my real name:
  1. k2 
  2. Kunik
  3. KellyK
  4. Kel and Kel-bel  
2. Four jobs I’ve had. 
  1. Writer
  2. Global Communications Manager for an IT company 
  3. Audience Coordinator for a PBS Cooking Show 
  4.  Independent Theater Company's Community Liaison for the City of Philadelphia - I was also a member of the theater company. 
3. Four movies I’ve watched more than once: 
  1. Enchanted April 
  2. My Man Godfrey - The 1936 version starring William Powell & Carole Lombard
  3. The King’s Speech
  4. All Wes Anderson Movies
4. Four Books I’d Recommend: 
  1. Unbroken 
  2. The Help 
  3. Every book written by L.M. Montgomery 
  4. Shop Girl
5. Four Places I’ve lived:
  1. Southern New Jersey, a.k.a., South Jersey
  2. Philadelphia - various neighborhoods 
Sorry but I haven’t lived anywhere else....Yet.
**Any recommendations re: where to move would be greatly appreciated as I’m ready to change things up.  

6. Four Places I’ve visited: 
  1. Brussels, Belgium
  2. Florence, Italy
  3. Hawaii
  4. Toronto, Canada
7. Four Things I prefer not to eat:
  1. Liver in any form
  2. Not a huge fan of lamb - I don’t hate, I just don’t love. I’m never like: Hey, let’s have lamb! But I do enjoy a good gyro or moussaka every now and then.
  3. Blue fish. YUCK
  4. Pigs feet because PIGS FEET. 
8. Four of my favorite foods:
  1. Jersey tomato in all forms, especially Jersey Tom sandwiches. Slice a Jersey tomato fresh off the vine, sliced onion and lettuce and stack them on bread, sprinkling each with sea-salt and pepper and a generous amount of Hellman’s Mayo between the layers and fresh bread - Ezekiel gluten free bread works great for the gluten free version .
Sidebar: Under NO circumstances may Hellman’s Mayo be replaced with Miracle Whip. This is non-negotiable because Miracle whip is DISGUSTING.   

2. All cheeses, except for American cheese. 
3. Seafood 
4. Red wine & Presecco - not mixed in the same glass ;) 
*Bonus - cupcakes with vanilla and coconut creamed cheese icing.
9. Four t.v. shows I watch:
  1. The Mindy Project
  2. Downton Abbey 
  3. Key & Peele
  4. A to Z ;) 
*Bonus: Agent Carter is awesome

10. Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
  1. Seeing my first daffodil & no more snow!
  2. The UnConference
  3. CWD,FFL
  4. Seeing my family - I miss them.
11. Four things I’m always saying: 
  1. "Holy crap!"and or "Oh, shit!"
  2. "I need to test/ bolus/eat something/do a site change."
  3. "You got this!" 
  4. "I love you." If you love someone tell them while they are alive to hear it.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#tbt: Weeding out my Family Tree Diabetes Style & To the Tune of Dr. Pepper ~

#tbt, (throw back Thursday,)  diabetes style and to the tune of the Dr. Pepper theme song. 
I originally wrote and posted the following on December 27th, 2007 and about 7 weeks after my very first blog post. Hope you dig it! :) 

SO, I was going over my whole Type 1 family history in my head the other day......

I'm a T1
MY Dad was a T1
My sister Donna is a T1
My sister Debbie was a T1 and died because of it
My Aunt Pat was a T1
My Aunt Jo-Anne was a T1 and died because of it
My cousin Bernadette is a T1
My cousin Denise is a T1 - I think
My Nephew Brendon is a T1
My mother's Grand Mother was a T1
My mother's uncle was a T2 - she thinks - he might have been T1 but for the life of her she can't remember because he died like 50 years ago.

I start humming the theme to the Dr. Pepper Commercial from the 1970's.
You know the one, where the dark haired guy is by himself and starts to sing the following:

"I drink Dr. Pepper cause I'm Proud
I used to be alone in a crowd
But now you look around these days
There seems to me a Dr. Pepper craze
I'm a pepper,
Your a pepper,
He's a pepper,
She's a pepper,
Wouldn't you like to be a pepper to?
Be a pepper, drink Dr. Pepper, Be a Pepper, Drink Dr. Pepper.

Us peppers are an interesting breed
an original taste is what we need
Ask any Pepper and he'll say
Only Dr. Pepper tastes that way
I'm a pepper,
Your a pepper,
He's a pepper,
She's a pepper,
Wouldn't you like to be a pepper to?
Be a pepper, drink Dr. Pepper, Be a Pepper, Drink Dr. Pepper.

At the end of the commercial he's dancing and singing with a whole crowd of "hopped up on the Voo Doo Dr. Pepper," freaks.

immediately change the words to suite my family history.

I basal & bolus insulin accordingly don't ya know,
Cause if I didn't..... it would really blow
If my blood sugar is super high or super low
Two places I 'don't really want to go

One extreme I'd start to sweat and shake

The other could knock me out
And put me into a Diabetic Keto Acidotic state...

Cause, I'm part of Diabetic T1 family Craze!

I'm a T1,
Your a T1,
He's a T1,
She's a T1,
Wouldn't you like to be a T1 to?

Us T1's are an interesting breed
New Islets of Langerhans are just what we need

Ask any T1 and she'll say
I'm waiting for a cure to come my way....

I'm a T1,
Your a T1,
He's a T1,
She's a T1,
Wouldn't you like to be a T1 to?
Be a T1 - just like your Daddy
Be a T1, my family DNA Double Helix is pretty batty


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: #Snap #SpareARose

I started my 30 day, Asante Snap insulin pump trial towards the end of 
last week - And so far, so good.
I'll keep you "posted," (see what I did there,) and write about my experience in more detail after I complete my 30 day trial - And maybe even during.
You can sign up for your free 30 day Snap trial any time you'd like and via their website:  

AND if you click HERE and sign up before the month of February ends, Asante Solutions will make a donation to  

Kerri has the results to date for the 2015 #SpareARose campaign, HERE 
and it's beautiful & inspiring. 

Sidebar: Yes, I'm wearing crazy fuzzy PJ's in the above picture & make no apologies.  They are warm; cute, toasty and it was 7 degrees on Saturday morning. 

*Full disclosure: I sit on Asante Solutions Patient Advisory Board, but all thoughts on the Asante Snap (and everything else on my blog, twitter, Facebook and Instagram) are mine and mine alone. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

OverNight Bag: More Like “Extra Diabetes Supplies/Shoes I May Or may Not Use But Can't Leave Home Without, Bag.

Overnight bags should be easy to pack and relatively light -  hence the reason they’re called “overnight bags.” You're not going on a world tour, you’re going away over night and you shouldn’t require a lot. Pajamas, toiletries, the next days wardrobe and an extra pair of shoes. Unless of course you have a busted pancreas. 
Then you need to pack all sorts of extras in your compact overnight bag. 
Extras that don’t seem like a lot, but take up space none the less. 
Extras like at least 3 sets infusion sets/reservoirs - Even though you’ll be away for 18 hours, tops.  
The first spare infusion set is in case you need to actually replace the infusion set you currently wear because it stopped working. 
The second spare infusion set is designated for sneaky doorknob attacks/wardrobe pump tubing malfunctions.  
The third spare infusion set is reserved to counteract dead spot issues with infusion sets one and two.
Then there’s forth spare infusion set, the one that I initially refused to pack because I didn't want to be all melodramatic, but then decided to throw in my handbag as I left the house, because “you never know.”  
Three days worth of extra oral meds because of unforeseen circumstances and craptastical weather, but last minute you switch it to a 5 day supply because of two words:North Carolina - Same goes for extra underwear. 
Extra insulin even though your current pump reservoir has close to 75 units because busted pancreas and I don’t make any. But again - NORTH CAROLINA.  
Lets not forget a multitude of Kindbars/snacks & glucose tabs for the both car ride/ potential middle of the night lows. 
Phone charger because of course and as much as I’d love to leave them at home, the big clunky sensible/non pretty ugly ass shoes (that take up a ridiculous amount of space,) because yours truly has a stress reaction in her 4th metatarsal and can only wear sneakers/ a certain extra wide pair of waterproof boots to combat the snow and the big clunky sensible/ ugly “dress” shoes for the next 6 weeks until said stress reaction heals. 

Overnight bag my ass - it’s more like “extra D supplies/shoes I may or may not use, but can’t leave home without, bag. I'm grateful to have the bag and the spare supplies and even those ugly ass shoes, but I needed to vent ;) 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Weather + Diabetes =

Winter Weather + Diabetes = All sorts of crap!

After a weekend of snow and ice, 50 mile an hour winds and bone chilling temps, tomorrow my neck of the woods is expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow. 
And it totally could be worse. I could live in New England - Christ on bike, I have no idea how those guys are dealing with all the snow!
Sidebar: I recently discovered the term “Christ on a bike.” I’ve heard it like 3 times in the past two days and I really like it. 
Also: Today marks the first time I’ve actually used it in a sentence!

So yep, winter weather + diabetes = all sorts of stuff, but I’m lucky on many levels - And I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. 
I was LUCKY I was able to switch tomorrow's endo appointment for Thursday, with no harm or foul. Normally, my Endo wouldn’t have a spot available in the same week' let alone the same month as the appointment cancellation, but bad weather makes little miracles like changing the date and time of my appointment possible. 

Later this afternoon I’ll head off to the pharmacy to pick up my monthly Rx's before the snow starts falling yet again instead of later on in the week. The last thing I feel like doing after work is heading the to the pharmacy - but I’m grateful that my CVS pharmacy is opened, fully stocked and I’m within my all RX refills time frame.
I have enough pump supplies, insulin, test strips and pump batteries at my house.    
As far as food: I'm stocked up on almond milk, bread, eggs, veggies, fruit, coffee, red wine and cheese. I just need to pick up extra juice boxes. 
FTR: because of copious amounts of snow shoveling, I tend to go through a lot more glucose tabs and juice boxes this time of year. 

Winter weather and diabetes management requires both flexibility, diligence & going with the flow - even when the flow is annoying, 5 degrees below and flipping freezing! 

So, what does challenging ( i.e., bullshit) winter weather + Diabetes = to you?  

And if you live in a sunny climate - Good for you, but I’d still love to hear what crazy weather + your diabetes =  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Day: #SpareARose, Save A Child & Live In Your Gratitude ~

Tomorrow is Valentines Day - And if you’re single, the barrage of Valentine’s Day commercials can make you feel all sorts of emotions - none of them good. 
There are moments as a singleton that Valentines Day can make you feel so sad for what you don't have, that it makes it incredibly  difficult to focus on and appreciate all the amazing things you do have.  

Here's the thing: I have a lot. 
I have wonderful friends and family and an amazing and supportive community called the DOC (the Diabetes Online Community,) who inspire me daily to become a stronger, better version of myself on a daily basis.
I have a roof over my head and a car that gets me where I need go.   
And I have access to insulin, otherwise known as the lifesaving elixir of life - That's freaking huge. 
Not every one is so lucky. 
This year I may not have a significant other, but like last year and the year before, I will be sending valentines to children with type 1 diabetes in developing countries in the form of insulin and via
$5 (the cost of one rose) provides a bottle of insulin ( a one month supply,) for a child in a developing country through
$10 = 2 bottles of insulin and $60 dollars provides a year supply of insulin for a child who may not otherwise have it
By helping others through #SpareARose, I help myself because it reminds me it's not all about me. There are bigger problems in this world then not having someone to buy me roses on February 14th - much bigger

I don't know my valentines by name, but I will think of them with love, concern and compassion everyday.  
I will think of them every time I looked at my insulin pump and I will think of them when I look at the insulin in my refrigerator. 
And I will do my best to help my amazing t1 valentines stay alive and stay healthy so that they can grow up and become amazing adults. 

#Sparearose, save a child, help others and live in your gratitude - It doesn't get much better than that. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vlog: #SpareARose = Amazing.

5$ = the cost of 1 red rose. 
5$ provides 1 bottle of insulin  for a child with t1 diabetes in a developing country. 
This Valentine's Day, #Sparearose, save a child.