Thursday, October 30, 2014

#tbt: Kids Say The Darndest Things - And They Are SO Damn Smart!

Today's #tbt post was originally posted on August 11th, 2008, back when my cute, precocious & quirky niece Livvy was only 8 and still shorter than me. Today Livvy is GORGEOUS, still precocious and quirky and 15, towers over me. 

Yep, time goes by in the blink of an eye and the littles become big, as does the space they hold in your heart. 

Speaking of littles becoming big, someone tweeted this  Nick Jonas pictorial, recently. 
WOW and WOW.  And yes, Nick Jonas does have something to do with this post! 

As does Kerri's Facebook post about her little Birdy D questions from last night~ 
Sending the Jonas Boys & the the folks in dBloggville kisses~

So I spent the weekend with my 8-year-old Niece Livvy,(sometimes called Olivia or O-blivia, depends on my mood - and hers) who will be 9 in September. She flew in from the “wild west” with my brother, (her Dad) to visit the family. To put it mildly, Livvy is a pistol: A.K.A., a piece of work, a TOTAL TRIP. She’s turning 9 in September, but I’d say she’s really 8 and 11 months going on 17. Very hip, very funny, and dare I say, quite the Tweener in training! We went to dinner, and the beach, where she showed off her expertboggie boarding skills. She was quite the pro for a girl born in the Mountains. We played with Photo Phone Booth on my MAC (you're actually seeing a very small portion of the photos in this post), and went to Lucy The Elephant & sat a top her howdah. We actually named the freckles on one another's faces - she has 5 and I have around 100 - all named Livvy.

I introduced her to Mad TV, which sh
e now loves – sorry mom & dad, good comedy has no age limits!
We had lots of girl talk, which mostly involved Livvy talking about her favorite Singers and crushes. She knows every Hannah Montana episode/song verbatim and is a HUGE FAN of The Brothers Jonas! 

We spent way too much time looking those boys up on the Internet, and Livvy actually taught me who was who.

To quote my darling O-blivia:

Nick is the cute and sensitive one and he 
has diabetes (like you Kel,) - He even wrote a song about diabetes. He was in the movie Camp Rock! He is my favorite,
and I love him. 

Joe is the cute, funny one. Joe is the star of the movie Camp Rock! He is the middle kid and he’s too old for me to love. He also looks like my cousin Anton.

Kevin is the cute, romantic one. Kevin is the oldest. He is also too old for me to love. He was in the movie Camp Rock!

Like I said, LIVVY IS A TRIP.

Liv was also very interested in learning about all things diabetes. She knows our family history, and that her favorite JB had been diagnosed with D as well.

Liv: Can diabetes be cured?

Me: Nope.

Liv: I thought the insulin in your pump fixed it.

Me: The insulin in my pump I take is to survive, but the organ in my body that makes insulin (the pancreas) doesn’t work. That part that is supposed to make insulin, (The Isletof Langerhans) is damaged & doesn't work anymore.
I have to inject hourly with my pump and change the site ev
ery few days. I also take my blood sugar’s all the time, like when we had our treats earlier and when we have dinner later.

Liv: Kelly, will I get diabetes someday?

Me: I don’t know, but I hope not. It runs in the family, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it.
Liv: "Oh, so you mean i"t’s ‘in the genes”, like our sense of humor and my red hair?

Me: Yes, exac
tly (OK, on a side note, "It's in the genes" is family saying regarding EVERYTHING including diabetes and our occasional flakiness - obviously this kid has a mind like a steal trap - she forgets nothing!) How’d you get so smart? 

Liv: Me? Oh, I know a guy… But what if I do get diabetes, Kel?

Me: Then you’ll deal with it every day 24 X 7, wear your pump, take your blood sugars, and have a great life. Diabetes or not, someone is always worse off that you.

Liv: Yeah, my friend had cancer! But he’s OK now. And we’re keeping our fingers crossed – toes to. 
So you and Nick Jonas both have Diabetes? WOW."

Me: Yeah, so do so do 1.7 million to 3 million other folks.

Liv:  WOW. Hey, Do you know him? I’M JOKING, Kel.

Me: No, I know of him – I’M TOTALLY SERIOUS Liv.

Now, I’m sure this comes as no shock to you, but Livvy is a total Disney Channel freak. Which means that we spent a lot of time watching Hannah Montana and using the “On Demand” feature to watch Hannah Montana AGAIN AND AGAIN. Livvy would act out each scene for my viewing pleasure. I don’t “get” the Hannah Montana thing, and I told her so. She still thought she could convert me, and I let her try. 

Ironically about an hour after our JB conversation, while watching the dreaded d (Disney) channel, we were privy to a behind the scenes Rockumentry about The Jonas Brothers.

They actually featured a good bit of time on Nicks Diabetes.
Viewers watched Nick take his blood sugar - his target range is 178, but he’d been 400 earlier in the day. Personally, I liked the fact that they showed the blood sugar roller coaster ride, especially among hormonal teens. From what the parents in dblogville have taught me, blood sugars and hormones make for a bumpy ride at times. NJ also showed us his “Pod,” (Omni Pod must have LOVED THAT) and talked about counting carbs and taking blood sugars in between sets.

The Jonas family was also interviewed about dealing with Nick’s diabetes. It was really quite good, and very interesting. Many a citizen of dBlogville has written about The Brothers J – Nick in particular, and all of us in dBlogvilleknow that Nick wrote a song about diabetes, “A Little Bit Longer”.
Livvy knew every word and sang along – VERY PROFESSIONALLY, AND VERY LOUDLY. She also kept saying (VERY LOUDLY) “This song’s about diabetes Kel, LISTEN…LISTEN! KELLY THIS SONG IS SPEAKING YOUR LANGUAGE…. LISTEN” 

So I did. 

Near the end of the program, Nick was backstage, talking to children with diabetes, slapping them “5,” shaking hands, & telling them it would be “OK.” Then, he gave them each a p
in. Now, I’m not sure if they were special t1 Jonas Brother pins, or just JB pins in general, but I’m sure those kids were shaking in their boots. Livvy was, and she was watching in her grandmother’s living room.The kids backstage all wore insulin pumps, they all loved Nick, and one little boy who was spoke for the group said, ‘ Nick inspired them regarding their diabetes.’ 

I have to say, I was impressed how open he was regarding diabetes, & how he took the time to explain his daily routine, etc. But what really impressed me was how strongly the children with diabetes reacted to him. I’ve never been on the Hannah Montana bandwagon, but I’ll tell you what folks. l give the Jonas family a lot of street cred for spreading the word about the Big D, and I’m not talking Disney.
Musically, I like the song he wrote regarding diabetes, and yes, those boys can put on a showWhile, I am in no way the caliber fan that Liv is, I do respect Nick as a Diabetic spreading the word, and the Jonas brothers as performers who are blessed that they get to do what they love, daily.The doc was over and we needed to get ready for dinner. Neither one of us moved off the couch, and Livvy had her arm around me and her head on my shoulder.Kel,” she said and looked up at me smiling with her big hazel eyes and pretty smile.”Yes, O-blivia.”

“If I do get Diabetes (I mean I really don’t want to get it,) but if I do Kel, IT’S OK. I mean, you and Nick have it, and you guys are doing great. It could always be worse. I told you my friend had cancer.”

Me looking her square in those big hazel eyes: That’s a great attitude Livvy, but I’m hoping and praying you never have too deal with Diabetes – EVER.
Livvy: Me too. I love you Kel & I miss not seeing you!!!!!
Me: I love you too O-blivia….And I miss you something awful!!!!!

Livvy: Now, let me tell you about Hannah Montana Kel….


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Avoiding Motion Sickness at 35,000 Ft & Pump Alarms That Go BOO!

I've been avoiding the whole, "meal on a plane thing," ever since 2007, when I literally turned green and had to use vomit bag for the first time ever, (but sadly, not the last) and on a flight that was 12 minutes from landing in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
I kid you not, it’s true. The lady sitting next to me on said flight told me that I actually turned green & and that until she’d watched me in action, she’d never in her entire  life actually seen someone turn green before they puked. 
So... YAY ME?    
Since then, I've reached for "the bag" 2 other times and I don’t eay anything but light snacks on or before I board a plane.  I usually stick to a Lara or Kind bar during the flight. If there's Starbucks in my terminal,I might get a turkey sammi if I really feel the need to pick at something more substantial. 
In order not to go low during the duration of the flight, I test my blood sugar like a mofo and set my temporary basal rate accordingly - And it works, for me.

I’d actually fallen asleep on the plane, until turbulence woke me up with all subtlety of riding a wild bucking bull instead of sitting in row 9, seat C on an airplane bound for San Francisco.  
I kept my eyes closed, knowing that opening them wouldn’t be the best thing for motion/air sickness,that was this close to making its presence known.  
I drifted back to sleep and I wasn’t sure if the continual rocking had something to do with it or the fact that I got up at 3: 45 am. Probably a bit of both.
About an hour later I woke up to the sound of my pump alarm going off and the woman next to me gently shaking my arm.
Woman: Excuse me, but some sort of alarm going off on your body. I think it’s your beeper. 
I’d been in actual REM sleep, so I was like: Whaaaat? 
Woman: You’re like.... beeping.
Still sporting my groggy, spacey, sleep voice, I think I mumbled: Ohhhhh, yeeeeeah, that's my insulin pump, thank you. 
And she was right, it was beeping, letting me know that my 4.5 hour temporary basal rate was kaput. 
Woman: Are you OK? 
 Me: Yes, I’m fine. It’s just letting me know things are back to normal. 
She watched me as I reached for my handbag, grabbed my kit and tested: 140, with 0.8 of a unit left of active insulin. I was fine. 
According to time on my pump, it was 1:10, PM, EST and we were were due to land at 10:45 am, San Fran time.
Woman: I thought that thing monitored your blood sugar and gave you insulin without having to test. 
I smiled and said: No, this thing doesn’t do that.... yet. 
The lady went back to her book and I closed my eyes.  
And I was really glad she didn’t ask more questions, not because I didn’t want to answer them,  I have absolutely no problem answering diabetes questions on a plane or off. 

No, I'm glad she didn't ask any more questions because I was trying my damnedest to avoid using the puke bag, so keeping my eyes closed was key. So was finishing me nap. 

And FTR: I didn’t puke. Yep, #IROCK. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diabetes Weirdness: The Sinus Infection Edition

Ok, here’s something weird. I have a big old sinus infection. 
But that’s not the weird part, that’s the annoying part - especially since I’ll be sitting on a plane tomorrow for 6 hours tomorrow. But.... I digress. 
No, the weird part is that my blood sugars have been great this week. 
Not perfect, because my pancreas is of course still broken. But my numbers have been pretty damn good none the less.
And I’ll take those numbers and I’m grateful for them, but it’s strange because Thursday night through Sunday I felt crappy and more than slightly whiney,  but my numbers were not. 
Were the “blood sugars behaving nicely” a result of me being less hungry because I was coming down with something? 
Were my #bgnows influenced by the fact that for the last 3 weeks (and sans the past couple days) I’ve been diligently walking or riding my bike at least 5 times a day? 
Sidebar: Thank you #bigbluetest!
Are the behaving blood sugars hormonal? 
Ladies, I know you catch my drift re: how friendly our blood sugars can be just before we get our periods, 
Gentlemen: Deal with it. Periods, period and PMS talk happen. Learn from the conversation - And bring me some chocolate.   

So yeah, I was a bit thrown off by the sinus infection  at 1 a.m. Sunday morning, when it announced it’s presence with a raging earache and a ridiculous amount of post nasal dripage, because while I had a scratchy throat and felt really tired, my blood sugar numbers didn’t clue me into the fact that an infection was brewing in my sinus cavities.
I actually woke up low on Sunday morning - and that was with me dialing back a temporary basal rate of 50% for four hours, just before I hit the hay.  

Since I’ve committed my thoughts to the blog and made them public, there’s a big fat chance my numbers might decide to eff with me just because they can. 
As we know, Murphy's Law gets all tricked out, diabetes style and happens.
But for now I’m grateful for the good numbers, the antibiotics and the fact that I’m feeling better and have packed 1/2 my suitcase as of last night. 

I'm a little weird and I'm OK with that. And so apparently so is diabetes~

Monday, October 20, 2014

Diabetes Advocacy Agenda For The Week: #DocasksFDA, #Vote4DM, #BigBueTest #WeAreInThisTogether, #WalkwithD

Last call to let the FDA hear your voice for #DOCasksFDA meeting on November 3rd
Personally, I'm all about letting the FDA hear my voice, my diabetes concerns and dreams,  so I took the following short survey created by the amazing folks at diatribe.
If you want your voice to be heard, TAKE THE SURVEY NOW. 
And if you'd like, you can also create a video expressing your #DOCasksFDA hopes and dreams.

FTR: Google+ gave me a new youtube page & won't let me 

merge my old page with the new. SIGH.
Next up on the Advocacy agenda for this week: 
There are two  Tweet-ins scheduled on October 22 and 229th, both beginning at
The Tweet-ins are all about the #Vote4DM campaign, targeting the folks on Congress (who work for us) that there are three diabetes bills that require their "YES" vote. 
To quote Bennet over at YDMV:  
  • Go here
  • Find your elected officials.
  • Click the 3 links. Coordinate, Educate and CGM for your Senators and Representative. (Bonus points for Tweeting Congressional leadership too.These Bills are so important to people with diabetes and regardless of the age of type.
  • #Weareinthistogether 
Today's the kickoff for #BigBlueTest. 
Each #BigBlueTest that you log between today and November 19th generates a $1 donation from the program sponsors (up to $35,000) and granted to nonprofit organizations  providing life-saving supplies/services to people with diabetes in need. 

By testing your blood sugar, exercising for 14 to 20 minutes and logging your results on Instagram, twitter of Facebook via the #bligbluetest hashtag, you not only help yourself, you helping others - And that's what it's all about!

Friday, October 17, 2014

#DOCasksFDA: THIS = HUGE, Your Voice Is Crucial & The Clock Is Ticking~

#DOCasksFDA - THIS is a big deal people - And the clock is ticking!! 

On November 3, the FDA will host an unprecedented discussion between the diabetes community and senior agency leadership (both drugs and devices). This virtual dialogue will be webcast live from 1 - 4 pm and includes a panel of patients (T1 and T2), and reps from ADA, JDRF, and diaTribe. 

This is HUGE and I want my voice to be heard by the FDA, so I took the following short survey (like 12o seconds at the most) created by the amazing folks at diatribe.

If you want your voice to be heard, TAKE THE SURVEY NOW. 

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: Surveys MUST be completed by Tuesday, October 21st, so diaTribe can analyze the results (i.e.,our amazing thoughts) and get them to the FDA well before the November 3rd, meeting. 

The FDA is working on a registration sign-up for the event and that info will be posted online in the next week. 

Guys, lets utilize our collective voices and let the FDA hear them!! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Wait, WHAAAT?!

I LOVE & follow I'm both a fan and a follower of their Facebook book page.
So you can imagine my surprise when  the following picture HG posted yesterday, showed up in my Facebook feed last night. 
YEP, I damn near spit out my juice because I was LOLing so damn hard!
The above "Steel Magnolias" poster is part of a group of movie themed movie posters from CuteStreetD.
Personally, I prefer "The Big Lebowski", "The Princess Bride"; "House , and the  "This Is Spinal Tap," (OK, ESPECIALLY the Spinal Tap) prints they sell. 
But I still think it's cute - Not really sure how my pancreas feels though ;)  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Diabetesalicious Lite: Some Stuff Not Related To My Low Blood Sugar Hangover, Edition.

Currently dealing with a low blood sugar hangover that occurred this morning at 4:30 a.m and resulted in a 7 a.m. 297 blood sugar. 
I'm not going to focus too much on it because I just don't feel like it. 
I have a lot of work to do, holiday or not - and what went up, did indeed go down - even if it took all freaking morning and took up way to much of my brain's bandwidth. 
Instead, I'm focusing on some cool links of the Diabetesalicious Lite variety~ 

Are you looking for gluten free candy and carb counts? 
If so, check out THIS POST over at Children With Diabetes  - It's a list of gluten free candy/carb count - AWESOME. 
Do you know who Diabetes Canine Shero Marjorie is?? Click HERE and find out - And get your cool Marjorie shirt while you can! All sales of the shirt benefit The Diabetes Media Foundaton. 
On October 16th 4pm, EST my first friend with diabetes, Joe Soloweijcyk's being being interviewed over at about his amazing book, "A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To The Universe."  
I've read the book and it's awesome, as is Joe.  So tune in, you'll be glad you did. 
And download the book, already! 
Speaking of and things that occur in October, October 20th is the kickoff of the #bigbluetest
between October 20th and November 20th, 
The #bigbluetest is EASY. All you need to do is: 
  1. If you have diabetes you test their blood sugar (no diabetes? no testing!)
  2. You exercise for at least 14-20 minutes.
  3. You test your blood sugar again (again, only if you're a PWD)
  4. You share their experience on or through the app for iPhone or Android.
  5. It's super easy, it's free, and it helps you and others living with diabetes! 
  6. And here's the kicker: For every result that's shared, The Diabetes Hands Foundation will grant 1$ in support of people with diabetes, globally. READ more about #thebigbluetest, HERE. 
Some Non Diabetes related links: 
Here's a list (courtesy of Mashable,) of 18 products versions that cost more, simply because they are made for women. Bullshit Factor, threat level: INFINITY.

My niece Cristin's show, "A to Z" premiered a few weeks ago on NBC and it's AWESOME. 
If you haven't watched it, you need to. It's on every Thursday on NBC, at 9:30, EST. 
I'm incredibly proud of Cristin and I think the show is really smart and funny, much like my niece! 
And I love that for the past 7 years I've been able to share Cristin's success with The Diabetes Online Community. Seriously, it makes me smile - And I love to smile, smiling's my favorite!